You Offer Podcast Editing To Your Clients, We Take Care Of The Rest

When you become a white-labeler you are able to offer Podblade’s entire suite of podcasting services to your clients while retaining all of the brand equity and lifetime value of your clients. Everything happens on your website, with your branding, on your terms.

How It Works

  1. You get a completely-built carbon copy of our client portal without any of our branding.
  2. You add in your branding and set your own prices.
  3. When your clients place an order, it is automatically forwarded to our team to fulfill.
  4. When they pay we receive our standard rates ($20-$30 per episode) and you pocket the difference between that and what you charge.
  5. Our team handles all customer service requests.
  6. That’s it!

How To Get Started

Ready to get started? The cost to get you all set up is $1,000 one-time for us to get you set up and $47 per month for a Service Provider Pro account in order to set up your custom-branded client portal. Once you have paid and registered for SPP, the above video will walk you through how to get oriented. After watching this video please schedule a call with our co-founder Apple Crider and he will get you all set up.


The time commitment on your end will be minimal. We will be fulfilling all orders and fielding all customer requests so all you'll need to do is sell podcast editing to your existing clients / audience.

Yes, you will have direct access to our co-founder Apple who will ensure that you are up and running smoothly and will help assist you as questions arise. Our #1 goal is to make sure you are successful.

The subscription is for Service Provider Pro. We use Service Provider Pro to host and design our client portal and in order to give your clients the same great experience we give ours, you'll need to set up an account with SPP. 

You will have all of the features you need in order to white label our services on the Starter plan for Service Provider Pro.

Nope. Once we have designed your portal and imported all of the services we offer you are free to add as many of your own services as well and bundle things however you see fit. Your portal will be on your website so you are completely free to use it however you like.

When your clients make a purchase from you, you are paid immediately. There is no delay or holding period for you to receive your payments. When a payment is received, it is automatically split into the cost of the service and your profit. The cost is then sent to us and you immediately receive the profit.

Podblade handles customer service for all inquiries related to the services you are white labeling from us.

The white labeling fee that you pay goes towards a few things. First, the fee covers the cost of manually setting up your customized client portal so that you will be ready to start utilizing our services to serve your clients from day one. The fee also provides for lifetime support from our co-founder to implement any additional features you would like added to your client portal. Additionally the fee allows us to provide you with superior support to both you and your clients so that you have the piece of mind of knowing that your clients are being taken care of and your brand equity is benefiting.

Our systems are built to scale. Whether you have 10 existing clients or 10,000 we will be able to effectively fulfill all orders in a timely manner, keeping your clients satisfied.

Yes! FOr a full list of partnership options see podblade.com/partners

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