Importance Of A Custom Branded Portal Offered By A White Label Podcast Editing Service

Rom Raviv
November 23, 2021
A Custom Branded Portal Offered By A White Label Podcast Editing Service
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If you are wondering how your white label podcast editing service can enable multiple benefits, read on and you will find all the incredible ways a custom portal can benefit your agency.

If you are a professional podcast agency and you take your podcasting business seriously, you must have a website for your podcast.

On your website, you can easily publish your services, give updates, and share any other relevant information about your projects and clients’ feedback.

But the real question is, how much time do you have to spend in maintaining the site or even setting up a dedicated portal for your clients.

Yes, this is the big question that you must answer.

You can turn your website into the main platform for your clients by integrating a custom portal to manage operations well. That way you will be giving them a good reason to visit your website, ask questions and even navigate without much trouble.

Also, you can even get multiple other benefits if you use your custom portal offered by a white label podcast editing service. This is exactly what we will be focusing on in this guide.

White label podcast editing services like Podblade enable a custom branded portal for your clients to use. It also lets you have an easy and cost effective integration of this portal to your website.

Why Go For A White Label Podcast Editing Service? 

Here is the truth.

White label podcast services are getting ever-popular and there are several entrepreneurs like Rom Raviv who are making waves especially in the podcast editing industry. And why not? Because by signing up for a white label podcast service, you enjoy the cost and operational benefits.

There is so much you can do being a podcast agency. You run a full time team, handle marketing and operations, let alone making the key strategic decision for your agency. It is only wise, you delegate some of the time taking yet crucial aspects of your business to an expert agency or a freelancer. We talked about several issues you can face if you opt the latter so the best option to start simplying your process is to outsource the operational elements of your podcast agency is to hire a white label podcast editing service.

Importance Of A Client Portal For Your Business

White Label Podcast Editing and a branded portal
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To begin with, white label podcast editing services like Podblade provides you a clone of your client’s services that has your company’s branding so you are able to interact with your clients as you like. You don’t face any restrictions to charge the price you want from your client as the entire process is streamlined. From the point where your client places an order, the project pipeline is set up that is gradually met by our professional editing and design team. You just need to sit back, enjoy your profit while your key operational portal work is done by our expert team.

An important thing to remember here is that when you handle your clients, they don’t know what didn’t make into the final design or features. To make it simple, lets assume that you are listening to a podcast, if you like it, you will only focus on the good parts, and not the plenty of editing or design changes that went into it throughout the process.

This only happens when the process is well streamlined from the moment your client opts your service. This where a custom portal that is catered to their requirement becomes significant because it helps them design a podcast that fits their brand, and content needs.

A client portal has all the essential features and functions that enable your clients to access your services easily. Ideally, your portal should be there to allow them to navigate, get support services and look at their project pipeline.

While you embed your portal in whichever forum you want, you must also keep its functionality, branding, and audience growth and engagement in mind. When you consider all these factors, this begs the question of whether you should opt to set it up yourself or hire the service of a white label podcast editing firm? The answer involves cost and operational efficiencies that we will talk about next.

If it is the absolute barebone that you are looking for in the name of a client portal, then you can set up a standard one to be used by your clients. This option does offer some generic features but does not allow customization.

An important factor here is branding for the portal which is crucial to stand out from the competition. That is why the option of white label podcast portal seems viable for agencies who take branding seriously and know how they can use the power of branding to promote and boost their podcast services.

When we talk about a white label podcast portal, then it is obvious that there will be no logo of the company that’s providing you the player and you can customize it as per your desire. This means that a white label podcast portal is more flexible, offers more features, as well as offers various marketing and promotion features.

Benefits Of A Custom Portal Offered By A White Label Podcast Editing Service

portal by white label podcast editing agency
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A white label podcast portal can help you grow your podcast in ways you cannot imagine. When you use a white label podcast portal and implement a few basic marketing strategies (no rocket science involve), you can get multiple benefits.

From calling your clients to take action to grow your audience, get ready to unleash a whole lot of benefits for your brand by simply using a white label podcast portal that is customized according to your needs. 

Brand Consistency

Branding is a phenomenon if done right can take your business to next level in no time. It is because of this reason many companies and businesses spend considerable time, energy, and resources in building their brand image. We are sure that you aim for the same for your podcast.

While branding your podcast, you’d want every major and minor detail to mirror what your podcast stands for, including your podcast portal.

The good news is that you can make your podcast portal a representation of your brand by opting for the option of a custom white label podcast portal.

One of the most important benefits that you can reap from having a white label podcast portal is that it enables you to maintain your brand consistency. It means you get the liberty to customize your podcast portal with your brand color, fonts, logos, imagery, and any other elements that are associated with your brand.

The look and style of your podcast portal are as important as its features and functions. Therefore, it is imperative that your agency must be able to customize that podcast portal. No matter where you are embedding your portal, it must show that it is your podcast through its color, copy, design, and other branding elements.

With a white label podcast editing service, you can fully customize your portal to match your branding and style. When you opt for a white label podcast service, you have the liberty to alter the color of the portal and display copy and title in your brand’s font. When you brand your podcast portal it looks like a synchronized part of your overall brand.

This may seem to be a trivial issue, but when you brand your portal the right way, it can give several other benefits that we will look into moving on.

Accelerate The Growth Of Your Podcast

If you use your podcast as a medium to connect and help others, we’d suggest don’t limit your exposure, potential, success, and growth of your podcast by keeping your services restrained on just a website or social platforms, but having a professional portal set to attract clients.

It’s time to unleash the growth potential of your podcast and make it a ubiquitous experience.

And in achieving the growth of your podcast listeners, success, and popularity, a white label podcast portal can play an integral part. You can easily insert a white label podcast portal on your website to give a stellar experience to your clients.

We are sure that you’d never want to see yourself throwing your hands up in the air and ask “why?” Why work so hard on your podcasts and don’t get the results you want. You will get the results when you make your podcast agency experience simple for your clients. A white label podcast portal can easily be embedded in all the different websites regardless of the design.

Make It Convenient For Your Clients

The white label podcast editing services
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It’s all about the clients!

We all know a version or two of the above statements. In your podcast business, podcasters are your customers. If you go by this rule, the number one thing you must do is to give your clients a convenient experience to avail your services. A white label podcast portal can help you in creating a convenient experience for them.

The white label podcast editing services allow you to integrate a custom portal easily on your site. A white label podcast portal is designed in such a way that it can help you extend the reach of your services and give your clients a convenient experience.

Custom sorting is another way through which a white label podcast editing service renders an upbeat experience to you.

What is custom sorting? You may ask.

It means, your should be able to custom sort the list of the services, features and branding aspects to show on the portal for your clients. Your service portal should have the option to display the newest podcast episodes first or oldest first– whatever your clients choose should be there for their convenience.

While we are talking about convenience and the best service experience, we must mention navigation and control. Navigation is one single factor that can be very frustrating for your clients if not done properly. Your portal should allow your clients to choose from multiple features and design options that is offered by a white label podcast editing service. 

Give Your Clients A Fulfilling Experience

Your website is a forum, where all the magic happens. Your web page is the page where you can keep your audience and clients engaged profoundly. 

Your audience comes to your website to know more about you, to stay updated, to know what’s next. They write to you to ask more about you or your podcast, they start a conversation, they indulge in other opt-ins that you may offer, they share their opinions and ideas; all these experiences happen on your website.

When you provide your audience with a comprehensive and complete experience, it can make a whole lot of difference.

And, how can you provide them with a complete experience?

The simple answer is by adding custom features and an easy to use portal

Just add a white label podcast portal on your website and you are ready to exploit all the benefits of combining the two worlds of your podcast clients and your website. When your website has every possible information about your brand, and you further add up a custom portal, you fulfill their experience and give them a comprehensive package.

Boost Other Aspects Of Your Business

Growing your podcast and taking it to the next level is great, but do you know what is even better?

It is growing your podcast as well as gaining other incentives by boosting other aspects of your business.

So, here is the thing: we know that there are many podcasters that are not merely podcasters; rather, they are creators at the core. Most of the podcasters have some combination of a website, an online course, an email list, a membership group or community, a social media account, or any other combination of platforms that derive audience engagement and growth.

A white label podcast editing service enables you to render the same quality and branded audio experience virtually anywhere.

When you have a custom portal on your website, that means your clients should stick with your services, in turn it enables them to look at your other resources, product, and services. For instance, you can make an offer to purchase your product or services, an opt-in form to join your community, an exclusive discount; the possibilities are limitless to boost sales and other aspects of your business. All you have to do is use your tools the right way, think creatively, and make an impressive offer that your audience cannot resist.

So, whether it is an email list you want your clients to join or a service you want them to purchase, you can do that while your they access your website.

If you are already feeling excited knowing all the amazing things that white label podcast editing service can do for your agency, schedule a call with us so that we can reveal many other incredible benefits that you can get from it.

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Engage Your Clients

We are pretty sure that this heading must have caught your attention because this is the ultimate dream of every podcast agency owner to engage their clients.

And yes, a white label podcast editing service can help you reach this goal.

Conventional podcast marketers or freelancers are not equipped to keep the growth of your podcast agency in mind. On the other hand, together with your white label podcast editing company, you can work to improve clientinterface design that will improve engagement.

A white label podcast editing service allows you customization and adds features and buttons that you want. You can use this facet to boost your engagement. For instance, a very good idea is to add a call-to-action button on your portal. Using the power of this button you can influence your clients to take whatever action you want them to take. You can add a button of leaving a review or sign up for a newsletter or you can even take your audience to your social platforms. Another great idea is to add the share button that will allow listeners to share their favorite episode with their friends and family. When they would share your episode, it can bring in new visitors and will boost up your page views and traffic. 

These are all the great ways through which you can improve engagement. All you have to do is define your engagement goals and then add a call-to-action button to your website and drive engagement. 

Drive More Traffic To Your Platforms And Improve Brand Recall

white label podcast editing service enabled branded portal
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This is another major benefit that must have captivated your attention. After all, good traffic on our platforms and great brand recall are things that we all aim for our brands. And luckily, a white label podcast editing service can help you get both through designing a custom portal for your business

Wondering how?

Let us explain to you in detail.

When quality content is shared on a podcast, it is inevitable for others to share your podcasts and content on their platforms. When you have a custom portal that enabled features like a custom logo, brand design, color, and even font; it ultimately serves as a brand recall. If it is seen by someone who already is a listener of the podcast, its branding will easily remind them of you and your podcast services. This way, a custom portal serves as an element that triggers brand recall.

Whether someone new is visiting your website or an old client is coming back to your web page, either way, it is increasing your traffic.

Can you imagine a thing as simple as a custom podcast portal can help you boost traffic on your website and serve as a great tool to improve your brand recall and recognition?

Boost Search Engine Optimization

Now we are talking about some serious benefits, aren’t we? 

In this digital era, optimizing your brand for search engine is something every business want to achieve. This is because we know that organic traffic can do wonders for your business.

How does this organic traffic come to your website? You ask.

Simply put, organic traffic is the traffic that comes to your website that organically finds you online through search engines like Google.

We all know how to Google something, right?

You type in your query, question, statement, phrase, or even just a word in the search box and as soon as you hit enter, it displays a long list of results that the search engine thinks is more relevant to you.

But, do you ever wonder, how the search engine decides what results to display first and what would be more relevant to you.

Well, terms like algorithm and other technical detail may get difficult to understand, but, we know one simple thing that search engine considers and that is engagement.

The more visitors engage with your website, the more value a search engine would assign to your website and make your website more likely to appear on top of the search result.

The stronger the signals you give to a search engine regarding the engagement and usability of your website, the more chances are there for your website to appear on top of the search result.

And, this is where your white label podcast podcast editing service can help you.

When you add a custom portal to your website and brand it like yours, you make your website more interactive and engaging.

When you have a white label podcast portal on your website, the visitors of your website stay on longer and take various actions. This in turn improves Google ranking and search engine optimization puts your website on top and boosts traffic. 

No Technical Experience Required

With our experience, we can tell you why many podcasters do not consider portal branding as important as they should. Most often, it is because they do not want to get into the technical headache of coding and developing to customize podcast portal and make it look like the rest of the brand.

Where white label podcast editing service renders multiple functional and monetary benefits, it also enables you to promote your brand in a more integrated and consistent way. This simply means that when you choose a white label podcast portal, you do not have to think about hiring a developer or ask your technical team to spare time to brand your portal. A white label podcast system is designed in such a way that it empowers every podcaster with regard to everything including customization of portal.

When you use a white label podcast editing service, you can easily customize that without the worry of coding and a difficult-to-use interface. With a click or two, simple customization options, you can make your portal look like the rest of your brand. In fact, some white label podcast editing service providers can even customize that for you.

Save Time And Money

We all know that in business, time and money are of the essence. Will you be surprised if we tell you that you can save a bit of both when you use a white label podcast editing service?

Yes, that’s true!

One of the most important benefits that brands can get from a white label podcast editing service is that they don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to embed a portal on their website. A white label podcast service enabled portal is super easy to embed. Plus, it also allows you to edit the features so you can alter them according to your preferences, demands, and likings. A custom white label podcast portal is so easy to use that you do not have to avail the services of a developer to customize it. 

Not only that a white label podcast editing service saves a lot of your time, but it also saves a lot of your bucks. The hefty amount of money that you pay to other brands just to remove their logo and the bill you pay to your developer to customize the player to look like a part of your brand can all be saved through a white label podcast editing service. So, make a smart time and resource choice by opting for a white label podcast player. 

Important Things You Should Consider Before Getting A White Label Podcast Editing Service

get a white label podcast editing service
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We talked about some of the incredible things that a white label podcast editing service can do for your agency. To get all these benefits, your custom portal must have some features. Following are some of the factors you must consider before you get a custom white label portal

Easy To Embed On Platforms

A conventional podcast portal can be rigid and limiting; therefore, when you choose a white label podcast portal, you must ensure that your portal can be integrated across different web platforms.

This is the most and number one thing that you should consider in your custom portal. Your portal should easily be embedded on all the platforms. No matter what platform you use to make your website, your white label podcast portal should be designed in a way that can easily be embedded on any platform.


Another important factor that you should consider is customization. This is the focal reason why you are opting for a white label podcast portal. It must allow you to match your branding and make it look like a part of your website.

Call To Action Features

There should be a call-to-action button as well. This button allows your clients to take any action while they are engaged with you or access services. You can make the most of this call-to-action button and increase your newsletter sign-ups or share on social media or you can even lead them to other pages.

Mobile Friendly

When you opt for a white label podcast portal, make sure that it is mobile-friendly. It should automatically adjust for your clients on their mobile device. Your white-label podcast portal should have a responsive design and must-have features that are accommodating to mobile devices. 

Wrapping Up

By now, it is quite clear why having a good custom portal is important for your podcast agency. The advantages that you can get from having a white label podcast portal are multifold. From growing your audience to boosting your website traffic, just a simple thing like a white label podcast portal can do incredible things for your business.

It won’t be wrong to say that every podcast agency looks for two things: business growth and cost effectiveness. A custom white label podcast portal can land a helping hand in attaining both through its amazing features. Embedding a white label podcast portal on your website can render a great, convenient, and seamless client experience.

Convert your potential clients into your retainer customers, boost traffic on your website, sell more services, and get many other possible benefits with a simple yet powerful custom portal offered by a white label podcast editing agency.

It is phenomenal how technology has given us tools time and again that support and help us grow our brands in unexpected ways.

If all these amazing benefits of having a customized podcast portal look attractive to you, then consider Podblade to avail the white label podcasting services. We offer several solutions and services and we can even offer customized solutions to match your needs. All you need to do is place your order and get your project finished in a cost effective manner To know more about our services, solutions, and how things work, you can schedule a call with our team.

Also, if you found this article useful and informative and would like to explore different topics related to podcasting, you can check out our blog.

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