Best Free Podcast Name Generators in 2020

Best Podcast Name Generators
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Naming Your Podcast

Find Your Podcast Name
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One of the hardest parts of the podcast creation process is the name which is why I recommend you use a podcast name generator.

In America, over 32% of the population listens to podcasts. Most podcast enthusiasts are always looking for new shows to binge. This is why having a catchy and impactful name is a must for any podcast

Your podcast name, as well as the cover, are the first things a potential listener looks at when searching for new shows. If either of the two is not strong, your podcast will not reach its full potential no matter how good the actual episodes are.

Why Should I Use A Podcast Name Generator?

Coming up with the name of my podcast (Spreading Success) was a painful process. I spent days on Synonyms trying to find related keywords to my niche. After finding no potential names, I decided to write random keywords in a notebook until I found a combination that I was satisfied with. I highly recommend that you use a name generator instead as it will save you time, energy and even stress.

Name generators allow you to create done-for-you podcast names without hours of research. Most name generators are able to churn out hundreds of names instantly after you give them some background information.

The best part about using a name generator is that it is completely free. For most sites, you don’t even need to create an account. Plus, even if you don’t find a name you like, just seeing potential names can help spark some ideas.

Kopywrite Kourse Name Generator

Kopywrite Kourse’s name generator is by far the easiest to use. Once you’re on their website, you will be prompted with a simple form. It asks for your podcast topic, your name, and your city as shown below.

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After filling out the form, a list of 100 potential podcast names will appear. Something that I like about this name generator is that it gives you additional wording features. For example, it gives you the option of adding words like “The” in the beginning and end with words like “Group” at the end. This allows for even more possibilities when it comes to naming your show. You can also play around with their different fonts such as all caps, “fancy” and “cool”. Here is an example of what the results look like using my information:

Kopywrite Kourse Podcast Name Generator Examples
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BNG Podcast Name Generator

Business Name Generator
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BNG, also known as Business Name Generator, has a special generator specifically for podcasts. To get started, simply type in keywords related to the niche of your podcast. While it is very closely matched with its business generator tool, it can definitely give you a base to work with.

My favorite part about BNG’s platform is that it syncs with Go Daddy to check domain availability instantly. This is crucial if you want to create your own website for your podcast down the line. I made this mistake when I first got started and now I need to use an abbreviation for my URL

BNG also has a business name generator that you can use to find keywords/phrases that you can use for your name. A business name, similarly to a podcast name, needs to be catchy so you might get some additional ideas there as well.


Squadhelp Name Generator
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If you don’t mind paying for the perfect podcast name, squad help might be the right fit for you. Although this isn’t exactly “name generator” like the other examples, it can definitely be extremely helpful.

Squadhelp is a platform that allows you to start contests for naming. Once signed up, you can post a contest with a cash prize. Hundreds of people will submit names and it will be your job to choose the winner. The cash prize will then be distributed automatically by Squadhelp.

If you don’t want to create a contest, you can also explore their “names for sale” section which has names that have already been created that you might be interested in. These names also come with a price but the price of each name varies.

This can be more effective than a robotic generator as it is humans that are creatively trying to come up with catchy names. With that in mind, as I said earlier, there is a cost (the cash prize) associated with it.

How do I know If The Name I Chose Is Good?

How to tell if a podcast name is good
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There are a few key metrics to look at when determining if your podcast name is good or not.

The first part is the catchiness of the name. You want your listeners to easily remember your name. A good way to do this is with alliteration. For example, my podcast name is Spreading Success. Starting both words in the phrase with the same letter stick a lot easier in people’s heads.

Another thing that you want to keep in mind is the number of words in the title. The recommended amount of words is between 1-3 to keep it short and simple. Also, note that you can add the words “The” in the beginning and “Podcast” at the end of the title if you would like. For example, my official podcast name is “Spreading Success” but if I wanted to, I could easily change it to “The Spreading Success Podcast”.

Finally, you want to consider the message that you are trying to convey. If the message/theme of the show doesn’t align with the name, potential listeners can get confused.

If after a while you feel like you want to change your podcast name, you absolutely can! All you have to do is go into your hosting settings and edit the “podcast name” section. It’s important to note that changing your name can have negative effects on the brand you would have already built up. Nonetheless, it is still an option that’s available to you.

What do I do after I’ve Found A Name?

As I mentioned earlier, the two most important parts of your podcast appearance are your name and cover. After you’ve used a name generator to come up with your ideal name, you’re going to need an eye-catching cover. Similarly to the name, you want your cover to urge the listener to want to click on your show and learn more.

If you don’t have a background in graphic design, your best bet is to hire a designer. While you can use sites like Fiverr and Upwork, they usually provide sub-par results (which is why they are so cheap). The best option would be to use a professional editor that worked with tons of podcasts in the past. Podblade has its own graphic design team that works with you to create the perfect cover art for your podcast. To get started, all you need to do is create an account and submit the order with your requirements. Here is an example of our most recent design:

Podblade Podcast Cover Art Example
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Registering For A Domain

Another good thing to do once you’ve finalized your name is to register its domain. Having a website for your podcast increases its professionalism. It also gives podcasters another way to consume your content.

You can register a domain for under $11 using sites like Go Daddy. Podblade also has a done-for-you template that you can use to create your website. All you have to do is fill out a form with your basic information and it only costs $8 a month.

Best Podcast Name Generators
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